/ Harbour Pointe of Perdido Key. Waterfront living at its best! Panoramic views from the white sandy beaches of the Intracoastal Waterway. Unobstructed view of the Gulf of Mexico over a barrier island. Directly across from the National Seashore. Minutes to the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico from your private dock.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Click here for a list of some House Rules at a glance. Click a topic below for information regarding the related subject.
  • Speed Limit in the parking lot is 10 mph. Harbour Pointe does not have parking passes or stickers. The outside parking lot is available to all homeowners, guests, and vendors on a 'first come, first serve' basis. Two vehicles are allowed per unit. Boats, trailers, motor homes and other multi-parking space vehicles are NOT permitted. Harbour Pointe has underground parking, which is a limited common element that is assigned to a particular condo. The assignments are not recorded in County Records: the list of owners is available upon request to Management.
  • Pets are never allowed on the beach. Pets are not allowed on the condominium property, with the exception of condominium owners and long term renters in the residence. Animals are restricted to one cat or one dog, not to exceed 30 lbs when measured at maturity, birds in cages, and fish in tanks. Pitbulls, Rotweillers, Mastiffs and Chows are prohibited. All dogs and cats must be accompanied by an attendant who shall have such cat held firmly by collar and leash. No dogs or cats shall be permitted to run at large outside the Unit. The individual walking a cat or dog shall be required to clean up after the animal. Visitors or Guests are not allowed to bring a pet to the Condominium. Please note Section 12.3 of the Harbour Pointe of Perdido Key Condominium Association, Inc Declaration of Condominium. Click here for Escambia County Leash Law. Any pet owner's privilege to have a pet reside in the Condominium shall be revoked if the pet creates a nuisance or becomes a nuisance.
  • Both entry doors, fitness room, community room, outdoor pool and boat dock are locked and require an access code or key for entry. Guests and vendors need to obtain these codes from the condo owner for access. If your FOB is lost, contact Management for a replacement FOB ( $25 charge ).
  • Click here for the rules for use of the Dock Platform and Center Walkway. All Harbour Pointe occupants and Guests are permitted on the Dock. NO FISHING PERMITTED on the boardwalk area designated for boat slips or on the boardwalk to the dock area at the end. Fishing permitted on the end area only ( furthermost from the beach ). Click the FAQ content "Reassignments of Limited Common Elements (LCE): Dock, Storage Unit or Garage" for additional information on transferring a slip to another condo. Lifts may be installed by a professional with prior approval of the Dock Committee. Contact Management for the Lift Installation packet.
  • If you are moving in/out, there is a special key to lock off an elevator. Please contact Management at least 2 business days prior to your move in/out to coordinate this key. This key only can be used with a scheduled time. The movers can access the elevators in the parking garage at the east or west side of the building. They will need to park away from the building to allow for fire trucks and/or ambulances to access the building. It is not our responsibility to monitor the moving truck or its personnel. You are responsible for any damage done to the building or common areas by the moving trucks or its personnel, and handling all claims for damage on your own insurance made by the moving truck and/or its personnel.
  • The unit may be leased for residential purposes only. The Condo Docs do not allow rentals of less than seven (7) days nor more than a year. Each condo owner is responsible for getting rules to renters and is responsible for their actions.
  • The Association uses Knox Pest Control to spray the condos. Knox sprays the even floors on even months and odd floors in odd months on the 4th Thursday. For example, odd numbered floors are sprayed in January (1), March (3), May (5), and so on and even numbered floors are sprayed in February (2), April (4), June (6), and so on. Mangaement notifies via email to all homeowners and posts notices at Harbour Pointe for Owners and Guests. If you have specific instructions for Knox ( ie donít ring the doorbell, donít enter to spray ), post a note in a conspicuous area on your door and Knox will honor the request.
  • Harbour Pointe no longer has a Roll-Off dumpster.
  • Harbour Pointe is a residential building and places a high priority on quiet times. Owners and occupants must conduct themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner. No instrument, stereo, radio or television shall be played between the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am if same can be heard by any other Owners or occupants in other units or on the common elements.
  • No items may be attached to any walls or ceilings in the common areas or limited common areas - to include the balconies - as it will damage the water proofing on the building's exterior walls. No storage of items in common areas or limited common areas at any times. Do not wash your balcony as the water will go onto the balconies beneath you. Do not hang clothing or towels on the balconies. When it is very windy or in times of inclement weather, remove all items from the balcony area and secure all doors and windows.
  • Counties and municipalities are required to enforce the current Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC). Click here to view the current FFPC for hibachi, electric or other similar grills used for cooking, heating, or any other purposes; as well as their storage within the unit, balconies, building or 10' feet of the building(s) with the exception of equipment permanently installed in accordance with its listing, applicable codes, and manufacturerís instructions may be permitted under the rule.
  • Your condo maintenance fee covers the following expenses: cable ( Cox Cable ), water/sewer ( ECUA ), and access to wireless ( Network Communications ) to all units and common areas, electric to common areas, trash pickup from the property dumpsters, pest control treatment to condo units, insurance and taxes for common areas of the building, association management fees, administrative and professional fees, and maintenance/upkeep of the common area. Common areas include, but are not limited to, the swimming pool, parlor/meeting space, elevators, common walkway area, public restrooms, parking areas and decking.

    Harbour Pointe will require a password for access to the internet. If you're experiencing any problems connecting to the network, please call their office for tech support and follow the automated instructions to get to a CSR (Tech Support phone number is 1-888-363-8266, option 3). Routers are available for those users who want to upgrade their speed or create private networks. Please call the office to place the order and set up billing (Office phone number is 850-969-0930, option 3).

    Electricity is not included in the maintenance fees for individual condos. Contact Gulf Power or any other electrical company of your choice that provides electricity to the condo.
  • You may select to upgrade your cable service: you are responsible for the cost of any upgrade. Cox Cable can provide this information and may be reached at (850) 478-0200.
  • To ensure you receive timely updates of all Association business, please keep us informed of the address you would like official notifications sent ( Official Records ). You may also volunteer a second mailing address, telephone number(s), and email address that you may be contacted at. Click here for an Owner Information Sheet,
  • Units with more than one individual, a family as owners, or units owned by a corporation must file a Voting Certificate with Association Management. The designated name will appear on the voter list and this is the person that will be allowed to vote on behalf of this unit. If this applies to you, please Click here for a Voting Certificate.
  • Speed Limit in the parking lot is 10 mph.
  • Common element spaces (not otherwise assigned by the Association) are not to be used for storage of personal items. Passageways in front of entry doors, stairwells and elevators must be kept clear at all times. (Ice chests, rafts, etc., must be stored inside or in assigned storage lockers). No gasoline or other hazardous material may be stored on condominium property. It is prohibited to clean fish in the pool common area sink. Luggage racks and grocery carts are available for the convenience of owners and guests. They must be returned to the garage floor storage area promptly after use.
  • Not all units have a garage and/or storage. An extra assessment is due each month for the garage space and the storage space. The cost of the maintenance, repair and replacement of garage/storage structure and door, but not the garage mechanisms and garage/storage hardware are shared equally by each Owner assigned a garage/storage. Costs of the maintenance, repair and replacement of the garage mechanisms and garage/storage door hardware shall be the individual responsibility of the Owner/Assignee. Garage and Storage Spaces are NOT to be recorded in County Records: a Transfer of Assignment is required to be recorded with Management upon the transfer to a different condo number ( To Clarify: the Developer assigned these limited common areas to specific condo numbers ( not owners ). If you sell the condo and the storage or garage space stays with the condo, a Transfer of Assignment is NOT required to be filled out. The Transfer of Assignment is required when you transfer the garage or storage space to another condo number, even it you personally own the condo you are transferring it to.
  • A Kayak rack is available in the Southwest parking lot for any Occupants. Contact Management for a copy of the latest Kayak Rules and Regulations. The cost is $100 per year. You will need to fill out this indemnity/agreement prior to renting. Contact the office for the current fee for the rental. Rentals may not be available: contact the office to see if there is an available slot and to get on the list if there is not one available.
  • Association Bylaws require the Association to have reasonable access to all units for the purpose of safety, maintenance and repair. If you need to rekey your condo knob and/or deadbolt, storage and garage ( if applicable ) you must use Ace Unlocks at (850) 505-7545 so they can rekey your lock to the Association Master. If you do not use Ace Unlocks and the Association does not have access using the Master, Ace Unlocks will be contacted to re-key your unit and you will be billed for this charge.

    The Association, Board Members, Perdido Sand Realty and the US Post Office do not have keys to your mailbox. If you need to rekey your mailbox, you can contact any locksmith of your choice as you are not required to use Ace Unlocks. Ace Unlocks may have the ability to rekey your mailbox to your use your condo key.

    If you need to recode or change out the lockbox outside your condo, you may use any locksmith. Additional keys may be made at any store that has the ability to recreate keys.
  • Contact Managements for the current Hurricane Preparation Checklist. Please bring all items in from the balcony. If you are out of town and unable, notify Management immediately so the appropriate action can be taken to secure the balcony items.
  • Click here for the 2021 Flood Certificate (8/14/20 - 8/14/21).
    Click here for the 2020 COI Certificate (12/01/19 - 12/01/20).
    Click here for the Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Certificate (8/14/20 - 8/14/21).

    The Registered Agent for the Flood Insurance only for Harbour Pointe Association is Brown Insurance Services. If your mortgage company or lender requests a copy of the association's FLOOD insurance policy, please contact Jessica Arseneault and she will provide your lender with proof of insurance for Harbour Pointe. You may also mail, e-mail or fax a copy of the letter that you received from your mortgage company to Brown Insurance Services:

    Brown Insurance Services, LLC
    1418 W. 23rd Street Ste. 200
    Panama City, FL. 32405

    Ph: (850) 215-5349
    Email: coi@browninsuranceservices.net

    Please have the following information available:
    1. Owner's name and contact information
    2. Mailing address as it appears on the unit deed
    3. Lender's name and contact information (including mailing address
    4. Loan number
    5. Name of Association and unit number
  • Use is restricted to residential or residential rental use. Common household pets are permitted to be kept by Unit Owners and tenants, but shall not be kept in such number as to be an annoyance to other Unit Owners. All pets must be held, or kept leashed and under the control of a responsible party at all times that they are in the common property. All owners of pets shall be held strictly responsible to immediately collect and properly dispose of the wastes and litter of their pets. Should a unit owner fail to clean up after his pet, the Association shall perform that service and bill the unit owner accordingly. The Association reserves the right to designate specific areas within the common elements, if any, where pets may be walked on leashes by their owners. The Association further reserves the right to adopt and enforce additional pet regulations necessary to ensure that pets are not and do not become a nuisance, and demand that members permanently remove any and all pets which create disturbances and annoyances from the Condominium Property. No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use may be made of any unit or the common elements. Nothing shall be done or kept in any unit or in the common elements which will increase the cost of insurance paid by the Association without the prior written consent of the Association. No nuisance shall be allowed upon the condominium property, nor shall any use or practice be allowed which is an unreasonable source of annoyance to others. No business, trade or profession of any type whatsoever shall be conducted from within any unit of the condominium without the prior consent of the Association. All fabric and materials used as draperies or other window treatment located within the interior of any unit which can be viewed from the exterior of the unit must be lined, finished or otherwise covered with white drapery linings. No owner of a unit shall make any structural modification or alterations to his or her unit without first obtaining the written consent of the Association. Only operating autos are to park on property, boats, trailers, and any other form of transportation is prohibited.
  • Condo owners are NOT required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities.
  • Contact Management for a current list of court cases in which the Association or other mandatory membership association is involved, in which it may face liability in excess of $100,000?
  • No Smoking in the lobby. No smoking in elevators. There is a designated smoking area on the pool deck.
  • Fires are not permitted on the beach. Fireworks are not permitted on the condominium property or on the beach. If you shoot off fireworks from your property, you will be evicted.
  • All garbage must be properly bagged and placed in garbage chutes or in the dumpster on the ground floor and not left in the passageway or on the floor of the garbage rooms.
  • The Assessments can be paid automatically every month through BB&T's ACH. Click here for BB&T ACH Set up form. We suggest you return it to Management to review for completeness; and Management will forward it to BB&T directly to ensure it is set up accurately.
  • Each Dock, Storage Unit and Garage is assigned to a condo ( not an owner ). The CC&Rs state the LCEs are not to be recorded in County Records. Management keeps a detailed record of all transfers in-house. If you are transferring a Dock, Storage Unit or Garage to another condo, which is either owned by another person or yourself, you must complete a transfer. Please see below for the appropriate Assignement paperwork and the directions: